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Follow-Up: The Success Recipe Salespeople Don’t See

Most direct sellers understand that they need to get on the phone, yet days, months, even years go by without them following up with their customers.
Why? The challenge is that they do not know how to do it and they do not truly understand why they should.
This program reveals the value of each acquired customer regardless of how little each customer might have originally purchased, and your direct sellers then recognize the gold mine they have been ignoring.

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Telephone Breakthrough — Prospecting Victory!

The telephone is a salesperson's best friend and worst enemy - calling prospects is the simplest way to get any salesperson's business off the ground, but getting oneself to actually pick up the phone and call is more than challenging.

This program inspires your salespeople to prospect and shows them what to say and what to avoid saying to be effective.

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Increase Sales and Recruiting Through Powerful Conversations

When it comes to prospecting, today’s direct sellers not only face the challenge of stepping outside their comfort zone, but they also face the challenge of a highly competitive market. Marketing messages bombard consumers everywhere as organizations and businesses campaign to get what they can from each consumer’s pocketbook.

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Week of July 2 2017

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