Magnitude Group Coaching

“If You're A Direct Seller And You're Not

Making The Progress You Want...


I Guarantee That Something Is Holding You Back That

You Have Yet To Discover"


If you learned how to remove what's in your way, you would experience breakthrough after breakthrough...

...which is why this message is important to your success..


Have you noticed how many times you've set new goals in your business only to re-commit to the exact same goals a few months down the road?

Have you ever thought about hiring a personal coach but then...

...the needed investment convinced you to put that idea on the back burner?

Do you sometimes wonder if you really have what it takes to be successful?

My name is Tammy Stanley. I've been a part of the direct selling industry for 25 years now. For the last 8 years I've worked as a sales trainer, speaker, writer, and executive coach in the industry, and I'm someone who has invested in coaching program after coaching program.

Early on in my direct selling career I discovered a coach who helped me significantly in my personal life but not in my business, even though improving my business was my goal at the time.

Most of the personal coaches I worked with charged $5,000 - $8,000 up front to work with them.

One coaching group I joined required $12,000 for a 6-week program and it consisted of pre-recorded tele-seminars and a few videos.

Truly I've invested thousands and thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into coaching.

After all of that I finally discovered what it is that stops you from achieving what you want.

Are you ready to hear what that is?

You don't know how to cause the breakthroughs that would empower you to take effective action.

I mean, let's face it.

If you knew how to achieve all that you desire, you would have already done that.


 Why It's Difficult to Cause Your Own Breakthroughs


 When there is no mirror or no reflective substance in front of you, you simply cannot see yourself.

And when it comes to causing breakthroughs, you have to be able to see yourself.

You need to be able to see how you are being, how you react and how you do things.

The Truth: You're probably really good at seeing how others do things, but you're not good at seeing yourself.

And because you're not good at seeing yourself, the things that stop your progress are hidden from your view.

That is why... after day, month after month, and even year after year, you tell yourself that today is going to be different, this month is going to be better, this year is going to be great...

and day after day, month after month, and even year after year things remain the same.

But you know what?

I bet you keep hoping that some day things will be different.

This may sound harsh but...

...hope is useless in your business.

Sure, it's nice to hope that things will get better.

But hoping that things will get better does not cause things to get better.

You and I can hope all day long.

But ultimately hope does not make things change.

If it did, all we would ever need to do is hope for things to improve and they would.

Obviously, that's not how it works.

So let's talk about what does work in the world of performance.

 The Power of The Master Mind


You probably already know that a group of electric batteries provides more energy than one battery alone.

Well, your brain can be compared to an electric battery.

When you come together with a group of individuals in a spirit of harmony...

...the energy, knowledge, and power increases and becomes available to every member in that group.

This is the principle of the Master Mind that Napoleon Hill wrote about and dedicated an entire chapter to in his infamous book, "Think and Grow Rich."

After interviewing 500 of the most successful people in the world, Hill determined that the Master Mind is one of the 13 success principles of all successful people.

If a Master Mind proved necessary for 500 of the world's most successful people, it only makes sense to be a part of a Master Mind, if you want to be successful.

That's why I've put together the MAGNITUDE Group Coaching Program for you to be even more effective and productive in your direct selling or network marketing business.



The Intention: To continually invigorate, enliven and refine how you do your business so that you experience a new magnitude of commitment, communication, leadership, satisfaction, and extraordinary results.



  • 2 1-hour coaching calls every month

During the coaching call you will join me and a small group of like minded individuals. We will work with topics that develop us personally to become people who not only do and achieve more, but also become people who can accept more into our lives.

The personal work that I've done in the last few years has really opened up my eyes to the simple fact that most humans say they want more in their lives, but what typically holds them back from creating that is having the CAPACITY to accept and receive all that they want.

Now remember how difficult it is to see yourself and how you operate in your business and in your life and how much easier it is to see how others do that?

One of the most beneficial aspects of my MAGNITUDE Group Coaching Program is that you will get opportunity after opportunity to see yourself as others share and get coaching around the obstacles they are up against.

The beautiful thing about group coaching is that you get coaching whether you are in the hot seat or not, because as others get coached... YOU GET COACHED.

We will focus exclusively on you and your group participants during these calls so you can work on the specific challenges that you face.

If you have already purchased many or all of my audio training programs, Magnitude is perfect for you because this training is designed to fill in the gaps and take you to the next level.

In addition to working on the challenges, by reuniting every month, we will be able to review the effectiveness of the solutions we invent and continually improve what we do and our results.

  • Access to Audio Replays of all calls

In case you miss one of the calls or you simply want to listen again, you will have up to 2-weeks to listen to a replay of each call.

  • Automatic Membership in Magnitude Month Training Program

During these monthly training calls you and your team members receive the training specific for that time of year.


January/August - Jumpstarting Your Business

February/September - Successful Recruiting Practices

March/October - Preventing Cancellations, Postponements, & No-Shows

April/November - Maximizing Sales

May/December - Generating New Business

  Get Started With MAGNITUDE Today!


What would it be worth to be able to tap into specialized knowledge, accumulated experience, and definite plans of action?

What could you achieve in your business if you got access to being unstoppable?

That is what being in my MAGNITUDE Group Coaching is all about.

I request that you commit to at least one year, not because it takes an entire year to see results, but rather because the transformation after a year of intensive coaching in my MAGNITUDE Group Coaching is truly significant and worthwhile.

BEGIN EXPERIENCING MAGNITUDE IN YOUR BUSINESS TODAY by becoming one of my exclusive members!

Tammy Stanley

P.S. If you’re at all serious about your sales business, continually looking for ways to improve yourself and your efforts is absolutely necessary. Become a part of my powerful Magnitude Coaching Group and achieve breakthrough after breakthrough from laser-targeted coaching.