You Too Can Have Bookings Galore!


Bookings Galore:

When you first became a direct seller, you were probably told that all your business would come from your first one or two home shows.

I need to emphasize that there's nothing wrong with being told that.

Point blank, you would have more business than you could handle in just two months of starting your business, even if you only started with one home show, by always generating two bookings at every show.

But what if you fail to generate two bookings at every show?

What then?

Depending on how long you've been in direct sales, you might have already heard about, "The Booking that Got Away."

The following diagram shows you what happens in your business when you fail to generate two bookings from every show you hold.

Just as an example, let's suppose your average earnings from a show are $125.


As you can see, generating only one booking from every show instead of two results in 4 shows being held in an eight week period of time as opposed to 15!

It also adds up to $1,325 of lost opportunity and only $500 in profits.

That's right, instead of earning $1,875 in those 8 weeks you would only earn $500.

Also, if you really generated two bookings at every show, beginning with the seventh week of your business you could have four shows a week!

You cannot afford to ignore the overwhelmingly positive impact of generating two bookings from every show!

Becoming a master at this easily increases your business by 300%!

But Wait!

There's a far greater compensation that I failed to mention in the above scenario.

You want to ask yourself the following...

What about your business would be most appealing to really smart, savvy women and men?

Most direct sellers think the answer to that question is a really great product.

In fact, most direct sellers will tell you that they joined their direct sales company because they loved the product.

But the question is not why people join.

The question is what about your business would smart, savvy people find most appealing about your business?

Brace yourself.

It is NOT your product or products.

It's a FULL calendar.

Nothing excites a savvy prospect more than seeing a calendar full of bookings.

When you generate 2 bookings from every show, it doesn't take long before your calendar starts looking nice and full.

That not only gives your prospects the idea of looking at your business opportunity, it convinces your prospects your business opportunity is truly a good one.

Once you integrate recruiting alongside booking and selling, your income increases even more dramatically.

So what is the key to getting that second booking at every show?

How do you ensure it doesn't get away?

First and foremost, you have to avoid any tactics that would cause prospects classify you as a pushy salesperson!

You want to learn how to melt any prospect's resistance to book a show as easily as M&Ms melt in your mouth.

And now you can!

Learn the 3 keys of generating 2 bookings at every show in my program...

You Too Can Have Bookings Galore!

Every thing I teach in this program establishes and insures your credibility and sincerity.

You'll actually feel good about asking your prospects if they'd like to host a show because you'll know how to be persuasive instead of pushy!

You Too Can Have Bookings Galore!

Bookings Galore
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You cannot afford to ignore the overwhelmingly positive impact of generating two bookings from every show! 

  • Why you actually want objections from your prospects
  •  Three simple keys to handling objections
  •  How to melt any prospect's resistance to book a show
  •  How to subliminally prepare your prospects to want to book a show
  • The one thing that transforms you from a pushy sales person to a welcomed friend
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