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Transform your direct selling or network marketing business into a highly profitable and enjoyable endeavor.


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Calling to Skyrocket Your Results

When you learn what it takes to be effective at prospecting, it no longer feels awkward and painful.

In addition to that...

It's easy to move ahead of your competition because...

...the majority of salespeople avoid the most powerful prospecting tool - the telephone!

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Step By Step Booking and Prospecting Guide

If you could change a few things in your business, change a few things about the way you do your business, and suddenly experience a relief of stress and frustration accompanied by an influx of prospects, bookings, sales, and recruits, wouldn't you want to?

You can by investing in my Step-By-Step Prospecting and Booking System.

Complete Step-By-Step Booking and Selling System for the Home Business Seller $347.00Add To Cart
Prospecting Victory!

 Just some of what you will learn in this audio:

  • The formula that persuades people to say, "Yes!"
  • Understand your prospects and increase their response to you
  • Using words to articulate a masterful message
  • Invitations that motivate people to learn more
  • The formula for successful home meetings
  • The powerful and simple way to attract new prospects       
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Produce New Results From Trade Shows

Have you ever signed up for a booth at a trade show or a craft show and then watched people just walk past you showing no interest? And even those that do stop only want to take home a catalog and refuse to give you their contact information.
You have to stand above and be different from everyone else to be surrounded by a crowd of people.
New Results from Trade Shows shows you exactly how to STAND OUT and get crowds of people to your booth! In addition, you learn the secret to getting the leads to call you back AND book appointments or home shows with you when they do.

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The Critical Keys to Booking NOW... Not Later

Do the guests at your parties tell you that they want to book a party, but not until next season or months down the road?

Do you follow up with people who say they want to host a home party, only to leave message after message and never receive a return phone call?

What if your prospects book later because of specific things that you say and do and fail to say and do?

In this advanced audio program you learn the seven critical keys that get prospects to book NOW instead of later. In addition, you will discover how to create real value in your customers' lives.

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How to Leave Messages That Get Customers And Prospects To Call You Back!

Do you leave message after message, but never receive return calls from anyone? This audio CD is for you!

  • Learn why customers and prospects don't call you back.
  • Learn how to apply proven psychological principles to dramatically improve response rates.
  • Create interest in your products and/or service by leaving powerful messages that create interest and make people want to call you back.
  • Dramatically change your business with a single CD.       
How To Leave Messages That Create Value and Get Prospects To Call You Back! $97.00Add To Cart
How To Seize The Phone

Do you ever begin your day with a list of prospects to call, but then you find yourself doing anything but making those prospecting calls?

Stop waiting for the right time to prospect! Learn how to do what you truly desire to do... NOW!


Carpe Phonum... How To Seize The Phone $15.00Receive both the book and digital audio recording
Ten Keys to Sky Rocketing Your Telephone Results

Learn the simple yet powerful strategies to skyrocketing your telephone results:

  • How to avoid pushy salesman techniques and win with sincerity
  • How to STOP making the most common mistakes 95% of salespeople make on the phone
  • The strategies and secrets master salespeople use to get prospects in the palm of their hand
  • The specific words that condition your prospects to say, "YES."       

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How to Stop Postponements In The Home Party Business

Learn the system that shows why every hostess wants to keep her commitment, and how you can help her to do just that:

  • The Secret to Stopping Cancellations
  • Exactly How You Get a Hostess to KEEP Her ORIGINAL Commitment
  • The Top 7 Secrets to Coaching a Hostess to Do Exactly What You Want Her to Do
  • How To Expand Your Business with More Guests and Repeat Hostesses

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You Too Can Have Bookings Galore!

You cannot afford to ignore the overwhelmingly positive impact of generating two bookings from every show! 

  • Why you actually want objections from your prospects
  •  Three simple keys to handling objections
  •  How to melt any prospect's resistance to book a show
  •  How to subliminally prepare your prospects to want to book a show
  • The one thing that transforms you from a pushy sales person to a welcomed friend
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Powerful Prospecting Potent Results

 Here are some of the techniques you learn in this CD audio:

  • The top way to articulate a masterful message that holds any prospect's attention
  • How to turbo-charge your marketing with "the slightest edge" principle
  • How to impress your prospects on a subconscious level
  • Why you must unleash your influence in 42 words and how to accomplish that
  • 3 specific techniques to speak outside the box of mediocrity      

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Maximize Customer Retention and Sales

 Just some of what you will learn in this audio:

  • The most overlooked way of increasing your sales
  • Why and how most direct sales consultants leave hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the table
  • The most innovative strategies to keep customers buying from you again and again
  • The top 7 most common marketing mistakes
  • Promotions that get customers rushing to your events       
Maximizing Customer Retention and Sales $97.00Add To Cart