Meet Tammy!

The gal you see there in the black suit and gold shirt - that’s me Tammy Stanley.

I believe the characteristic that best distinguishes me is my laugh. If you watch any of the videos on my website, you will undoubtedly encounter it.

I think I am funnier than I really am, but I can laugh about that and certainly my ability to laugh at myself allows me to not only connect quickly with an audience but it also keeps me open-minded and willing to learn more.

As far as the quality that best describes me – I’m intense. So go grab a seatbelt and get ready for an amazing sales training adventure like none you have ever before experienced.

I prefer reality to fantasy. I don’t sugarcoat the truth, and I don’t use fluffy soufflé techniques that fail to put sales on the table.

Because I believe that every problem has a solution, every training program I develop provides the necessary keys to overcoming the toughest difficulties that direct sellers face today in the twenty-first century.

Don’t let my small stature fool you – my energy is boundless, my presence can fill a stage, and my insights can rock your world!

Roughly 20 years ago, when I began my career in direct sales, I could not get the selling part of my business moving for six months!

I kept thinking how much better my life would be, if it were as easy for me as it was for others to generate sales and bookings. I thought that UNTIL the day I encountered individuals on my own team that were struggling to get their businesses in gear. Suddenly the once painful and embarrassing experience of struggling to get a business off the ground now allowed me to relate to consultants undergoing that same uphill battle.

My previous challenges now made the difference between success and failure for my consultants. Indeed, I was able to tell them exactly how I took my business from the point of having to use a credit card to purchase the next season's product kit to earning five digit checks in one month! No wonder I promoted eleven leaders from my own sales unit during my career.

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After you take a peek around, if you're like most people coming to this site for the first time, you might be wondering how to get started. I usually suggest you begin with my book or cds on how to seize the phone -  Carpe Phonum - or my Step-by-Step Prospecting and Booking System.

Either way - thank you so much for dropping by and I can only hope that our paths cross some day soon.

Tammy Stanley