How to Stop Postponements In The Home Party Business

How To Stop Postponements In The Home Party Business


Has this ever happened to you?

You put forth the effort it takes to call your customers and get your calendar just the way you desire it - full of bookings.

Then a couple days before those bookings, your phone begins to ring.

One after another, your hostesses call to postpone or even cancel their scheduled home party.

Don't you sometimes wonder where they get the nerve to tell you that the date that you scheduled isn't going to work out after all?

Why didn't they tell you this a week or two ago, when you had a hope of scheduling someone else in their place?

Who wants to hear the day before or the day of a booking that the hostess is canceling the show?

This has to be the most frustrating thing in a direct sales business - having bookings scheduled in your calendar that don't happen!

One spring season a good number of years ago, I received phone call after phone call from disappointed direct sellers in my sales team. What was the cause of all this disappointment?


I found this problem with cancellations to be the major contributing factor to discontent within my sales unit.

So I took action and hired a psychotherapist just to help me figure out how to handle it.

What I learned from that one and a half hour session was immensely valuable.

In fact, it completely changed my perspective and the process that I used to make a scheduled booking a sure occurrence.

I deciphered the secret to get a hostess to keep her original booking date


And that secret actually stems from a typical human behavior.

Once you know the secret to getting hostesses to keep their original booking date, it becomes far easier to make more money and have tons more fun in the home party business.

Isn't that why you started a direct sales business in the first place?

Because it looked like it could be a fun and easy way to earn some extra cash.

In order for you to stop postponements, increase guest attendance, and increase your profits, you need a system you can depend upon.

You need to know that each hostess is committed to holding her booking - you don't want to just hope that.

You need a system that proves time after time just how true it is that you control the outcome of each and every home show you book.

The good news is that you will have that system with my...

How to Stop Postponements, Improve Guest Attendance, and

Increase Your Profits in the Home Party Business


Surely investing the earnings from just one home show into a powerful system that could drastically increase your future earnings forever would be a wise move on your part.