How do you know when you have had enough training?

In response to the question - how much training is the right amount of training - by far the most important training is what I call "The Osmosis Factor." Your customers learn a tremendous amount about the business through osmosis - through their experience as a customer and you as their consultant. In fact Renee, that becomes a part of the fabric of their being as a future consultant. Your consultants will do naturally what they saw and experienced you doing. In other words, you won't have to work so hard at teaching it. As soon as you mention it, they "get it" because they remember their experience.

I was so good at following up, when I first started my Weekenders business, that my consultants were amazing at picking up the phone and getting outside orders and setting up recruiting appointments. Instead of running myself with party after party, I focused on following up with the few customers I gathered from each party. When my consultants followed my example, I had a recruiting machine in a very short period of time, and I recruited far fewer people than others at my level to accomplish that. What's the point of starting 10 consultants and getting them an amazing deal on a starter kit, when only 1 of them is going to stick. Better to recruit 2 and both of them stick like glue.

There is a famous quote by Emerson, and I truly adore him for saying it:

"Who you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you're saying." - Emerson

Who you are as a consultant, how you follow up, how you avoid putting your customers/prospects into a corner, etc. that trains louder and better than any training program.

Now, as far as "technically" how much to train - why not have a "New Consultant Training" once a month in person (even at your home unless it would be uncomfortable) and once a month as a tele-seminar (good for long distance recruits). You might need a part 1 and a part 2, in which case you could offer both of them every month, or part 1 during one month and part 2 the following month. These days, with the ease of tele-seminars, I would offer far less one-on-one coaching than I did in years past, and far more group training. I would retain that special one-on-one time for consultants who earned it with 3 qualified recruits! In other words, i would allow more time for personal follow-up with customers in my own personal business, so that I could set an amazing example. Then I would streamline the training for consultants. That's what I would do. It's one solution, maybe not the only one!