How do I regain contact with customers I have not kept up with?

Piece of cake. Call those customers who you met a year or years ago and say something like the following (I'm going to act like I'm the Pampered Chef consultant, and I want you to pretend that you are the customer. How would you feel, how would you respond?)

Imagine your phone ringing.

Ring Ring.

You: Hello.

Me: Hello Linda, this is Tammy Stanley with the Pampered Chef. I have to assume that it's been so long since I've talked to you that you don't even remember me. But hey, I'm giving you a quick call today because I realized that other day that every person who has purchased something from me has helped me be successful. So I wanted to call and thank you because I'm still doing Pampered Chef and frankly I wouldn't be if it weren't for all the customers along my journey.

You: ??? (I don't know what you would say, but I'm going to guess that you said something like, "Well, your welcome."

Me: Whew! I'm so glad to hear that you're not mad at me for not following up Linda, and I can't help asking if it's okay with you that I put you on my preferred customer list?

You: ??? (I don't know what you would say, but I'm going to guess that you quickly respond by telling me that would be fine.)

Me: Oh great. Well you know Linda, as one of my preferred customers, I wanted to let you know that this month you are entitled __________ by being one of my January hostesses. Any chance that you would like to get ____________ by being one of my January hostesses?

Whether you tell me yes or no, I seriously don't care. I just want to establish you as a preferred customer AND I want to put an offer out there because I need to show you now that I'm a better salesperson than when you first met me. I'm comfortable in my own skin, I better understand the value of each customer, and I'm persuasive. You will soon discover that customers actually like persuasive salespeople.