How to Be Powerful

The biggest barrier in the way of you experiencing yourself as powerful is the critic in your own head. That internal voice is full of reasons why you cannot do this, why you should not do that, why someone else is to blame, etc.

Examples can be incredibly useful, so let’s go ahead and take a look at an example salesperson. We’ll call her Miss Leading. Now Miss Leading really wants to dramatically increase her business in the next few months because she wants to let go of the part-time job she has at the grocery store so she can have more time with her family and call her own hours.

Today while working Miss Leading ends up talking to three other employees, two of which mention that they are tired of working so hard at the store but they desperately need the money. It turns out that they all have a good time talking, and they end up exchanging cell phone numbers with one another.

Miss Leading is all excited when she gets home because she now has three new prospects to call. When she tells her husband the exciting news, he asks if she’s going to call them tonight. She tells him that she would, but everyone just got off work and like her they have family and probably don’t want to be bothered tonight. However, she has tomorrow off and will touch base with all of them then.

The next day her internal reasoning machine gets cracking as soon as she awakens - "You really cannot call all three of those other employees because only two mentioned that they were tired of working at the store. There is really no good reason to call the person that didn't complain."

As soon as she looks up the two other employee phone numbers in her cell phone, the internal reasoning suggests, "Both of them said that they were tired of working so hard, so the last thing they want is another job to work that won't replace the job at the grocery store until they put time and energy into building it."

She evens hears, “Think of how hard it’s been for you to get this business off the ground while you are working another job! How are you supposed to convince them they should do that? You know they are going to ask you how much money you are earning, and then what are you going to tell them?”

The next thing you know the internal voice gives her yet another powerful reason not to call – “You have the day off, but they probably don’t. You can’t bother them at work. Wouldn’t you be violating some kind of work policy? You can’t afford to lose your job right now just because you talk to a couple of people at work about a cool product and a business opportunity. You had better wait until you know they are off from work.”

The next thing Miss Leading hears from her internal voice is, "You really need to clean up the house and then go get some groceries while you have time off from work. If you don't do this on your day off, when else are you going to have the time?"

She doesn’t even think about calling the two employees from work until she gets busy making dinner. She knows that by now they are off from work, but that internal voice steps in to rescue her from making a horrible mistake – “Don’t bother people right after they have ended their work day! They deserve some time to themselves. Didn't they just complain to you about how tired and busy they feel? You don't want them getting angry at you. You won't ever be able to talk to them about your business again, if you pester them. Don't blow it. Wait until later, when it's a better time to call them. Give them some space and call them after dinner.”

Although Miss Leading listens to "the sound reasons" that her internal voice provides, and even though she tells herself again and again that she and her family deserve some quality time together, she feels a intense heaviness within. She tries not to think about it, but the heaviness manages to communicate something to her all the same. It communicates, "You are not being powerful."

If you truly want to experience what it feels like to be powerful, you must step away from the internal voice in your head and step into action just because. All the reasons that your internal voice supplies completely derail you!

If we look at the reasons the internal voice gives Miss Leading, we notice that there is nothing inherently correct about those reasons. It reasons that all three employees cannot be called because only two mentioned that they were tired of working at the store. Consider that even people who do not complain have dreams and aspirations, and maybe, just maybe, they know how to make things happen because they take action instead of sitting around complaining!

Miss Leading's internal voice reasons that the two employees won't want another job to work (even though she did!) and that she has no power to persuade them outside of showing them that she's making boatloads of money. Need I mention that if that were true, no one would have ever been able to recruit another person in this industry!

Miss Leading's internal voice insists that she cannot call her colleagues at work because they will not want to be bothered and because she will probably violate some policy. Of course we could also reason that employees who feel overworked would be only too happy to take a call from a fellow employee with whom they interacted just yesterday, and one could easily avoid violating any policies by saying, "Hey I have a question about something you said yesterday, but I don't want to bother you at work and besides it might even violate some policy there that we don't even know about. Why don't you call me when you get off from work."

What if the person said, "Oh, I'm not at work right now. I have the day off. What's your question?" Hmm... maybe you are starting to understand that the internal voice has tons of reasons, but you DO NOT need to listen and obey ANY of them! They are simply reasons. Reasons are not THE TRUTH, but notice how you often act like they are.

The ultimate key to being powerful and to truly experience yourself as such is to forget about reasons and learn to honor your word! Nothing will get you more related to how powerful you are than being your word! Nothing!

When you get three new prospect's phone numbers, call all three of them just like you told yourself you would, when you collected their phone numbers. Your internal voice will give you reason after reason not to call, but you will experience power like you have never known, when you stop listening to reasons and do what you really want to do and what you told yourself you would do! If your internal voice supplies you with a good reason not to take action, I assure you that you can invent just as good of a reason to ignore the reason of your internal voice and do what you originally planned.

Reasons do not make you powerful but taking action does!