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How can Tammy be a part of our next event?

Tammy provides the following:

  • Keynote Speech
  • Break-Out Session/s
  • Half-Day Workshops

Why Tammy?

Tammy’s powerful insights, her entertaining humor and high energy, and her contagious passion ignite salespeople to take effective new actions. Her rare ability to get to the heart of what matters quickly motivates audiences to immediately exchange inane habits for productive behaviors that result in peak performance.

And Tammy is easy and fun to work with (She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth!).

Click to download Tammy's one sheet.

Can Tammy customize one of her programs to meet the unique needs of our audience?

Tammy always customizes her programs for each audience. She spends hours studying your company, reading your company manual (if you have one). She will also take time to get to know you and learn about the participants through phone conversations and a custom questionnaire that she’ll want you to complete and return to her. Her goal is always to understand your company and culture so thoroughly that the participants feel like she is part of your company!

What do I need to do to book Tammy for our next event?

We thought you’d never ask! ? Click here to send Tammy the basic details of your event, and she’ll be in touch with you shortly to learn more about your event and how she can help.

What is the best way to set up the room?

An unobstructed, raised platform is ideal so that audience members can see her and so that Tammy can move around during the program. Tammy prefers a well-lit room, as the audience has an easier time hearing and paying attention, which keeps distractions to a minimum. (A well-lit room also helps the audience takes notes or follow along with a cheat sheet!)

What audio/visual needs does Tammy have?

The A/V needs can be solidified as the event gets closer, but usually she will need an LCD projector and 2+ screens (depending on the size of the audience) and a wireless lavaliere microphone.

Where can I download Tammy’s photos and event materials?

Scroll down below to choose a photograph to download and use. (Click here to scroll down)

We have Tammy booked… what should we do next?

  • You will receive a Speaking Agreement with all of the details of your event. Please sign and return the agreement with a 50% deposit to reserve your date and then the magic begins!
  • Download and complete the Event Questionnaire and return to Tammy. This helps her to get an idea for your participants as well as your specific goals for the event.
  • Schedule an Information Conversation – Tammy wants to have a conversation with you and other committee/organization/team members to understand your audience even more.
  • Tammy will send you an article or two that will help your salespeople now and get them excited to learn more from her at your event.
  • As soon as she arrives on site at your event location, Tammy will contact you to let you know she has arrived.

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Why? The challenge is that they do not know how to do it and they do not truly understand why they should.
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