Effortlessly Improve Your Business

I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have gone through an entire day without ever acknowledging just how amazing it is that my heart keeps beating and that my lungs keep breathing without me ever having to think about causing that to happen. In other words, I forget to be grateful.

No matter what your current desire in your business might be - whether it is to soar to the top of your company or to just get your own products free, to earn your company's car program and drive a Mercedes or to simply earn enough money each month to make your family's car payment, whatever your desire might be - gratitude and trust can cause your dreams to manifest in seemingly effortless ways.

Maybe like me, you have noticed how little time you spend worrying whether or not the sun will rise or whether or not the seasons will change. Indeed it is not uncommon to take for granted some of the most magnificent things that happen everyday - like the way our bodies digest food, the way we continue to breathe while we are sleeping, and the way our bodies know how to heal all manner of wounds and ailments. Amazing things are not only taking place in the outside world everyday, but also within our own experience.

When you become truly aware of the gifts that life gives you everyday, without you needing to do anything in exchange to receive them, you find it rather easy to trust that life really does want the best for you. A powerful way to demonstrate this trust is to express gratitude and affirm what you want from life.

Years ago, during a particularly frustrating time in my life, I read that expressing gratitude is the surest way to align oneself with the Divine. The words pierced through my heart like a swift sword because I saw in that moment just how ungrateful I was being and therefore how ungodly I was being as well. You may see yourself as a grateful person, but if your business is stopped in any way, consider that there is something that you are resenting and holding on to that is blocking you from receiving all that life has to offer.

What we often fail to realize is just how much we condition our minds to expect the worst. It can be downright scary to listen to some of the thoughts we tell ourselves. The other day I heard that little voice tell me, "Ugh! You don't feel very well." Fortunately I was paying attention and said out loud, "What a bunch of malarkey! I feel GREAT!" The interesting thing is that I really did feel great. I have no idea why the Ego was trying to convince me otherwise. But here's what I do know... the Ego always points you in the direction of the unfulfilled life.

A surefire way to pull you out of the ego is to express gratitude and declare great things happening in your life throughout the day. A fun game I invite you to play is to look for things for which you have never before expressed gratitude.

One time after I had spoken at a conference in Dallas and I went for a long run. I ended up in a park that had a dog waste station every 25-50 yards, but still a considerable number of people had not picked up their dog's mess. I found myself getting angrier and angrier at these unknown strangers that were "too lazy to walk a few feet to get a baggie to clean up after their dog," until this beautiful thought managed to get through to me: "If you're so upset about all the messes, why don't you clean them up?"

In that moment I realized that I could complain and be part of the problem or I could be grateful and be part of the solution. I chose to be grateful that the city provided a waste disposal station every 25-50 yards, making it truly easy for me to clean up the dog messes for the next visitors of this beautiful park. I also chose to be grateful that I was willing to do it.

The most powerful thing that took place that day was that I saw how totally damaging it is to piss and moan about others' shortcomings because that immediately removes you from feeling grateful. As long as I resented those dog owners, I limited the joy and freedom that was totally available to me. It was not the situation at the park that was unpleasant and frustrating, but rather the situation within my own mind!

I invite you to exchange the limiting thoughts of the ego for the creative ideas of the Soul! When you do this on a daily basis, it won't take long before you notice your business improving. Just be careful not to claim the improvement as being somehow "out of the blue." Increase does not derive from coincidence or luck. Increase results from joyously expectant beliefs. What could you say when you wake up in the morning and before you fall asleep at night that would demonstrate your gratitude, and your trust, and even cause your joyous expectant beliefs to manifest?