Can you have too many gurus?

Dear Tammy,

My difficult challenge right now…is that I have become a direct selling coach, mentor, trainer junkie.

I’m subscribed to 5 regularly and 4 or 5 others sporadically. The result is that I never complete or implement an entire program from one coach before another e-mail comes offering me the exact thing I need right now. I’m left with new things to work on without ever completing a program from one trainer. Who knows the very next things I hear about maybe the one thing I am missing in my business...

I have learned something from all of these people that have helped me in some way, but I lack continuity. I have 3 that I am following regularly right now. Give me thoughts to help me determine which ones I should follow. What should I be looking for in a coach or trainer?

Thanks so much,

Hi Jane,

Personally I do NOT believe that the solution is to only follow one guru. Hey, I follow several good marketers, and I have to tell you, if I had decided to follow on one of the many I follow, I would have missed out on some of the most results-driven marketing ideas I have learned.

I do understand what you are saying about the training junkie syndrome, however. You do not want training to become an excuse to activity. In other words... "Oh, I better not make those calls until I listen to this trainer's entire collection of audio cds!" LOL!

For the entrepreneur, knowledge alone is useless until implemented, since you don't get paid for knowledge; you get paid for activity. Therefore, as a direct seller, it is critical that you execute what you are learning.


Set aside 2 hours a day to execute. No interruptions. No email. No taking phone calls. During those 2 hours do the single most important thing that moves your business.

Most likely, that activity is sales, booking, and/or recruiting calls. When you devote solid time everyday, WITHOUT interruption, to follow up with prospects and customers, you will find that you have tons of time to do everything else you're already doing.

The trouble is that you can't get done the most important things when you are continually interrupted and working without a single purpose and focus. Limit your purpose, limit your focus, limit the interruptions, and BAM! You get a ton done, and even have enough time left over to follow several direct sales experts! LOL!

Here's to executing effectively,

Tammy Stanley