Become A Mentally Strong Sales Person

What if everyday you called your prospects as soon as you thought about doing so?

What if you could stay completely focused on contacting your prospects because you knew you could create ongoing value simply by contacting your prospects on the telephone?

Although you probably visualize calling prospect after prospect, you might also listen to a nagging little voice that always suggests waiting until later to call.

Listening to that little voice always keeps you waiting — waiting for the right time to call your prospects.  

To become a mentally strong sales person - someone who can seize the phone with or without courage - you must investigate that little voice.

I assure you, that voice nags and distracts and never points you in the right direction. When you can catch yourself right in the middle of self-sabotage, you can also put yourself back on the playing field.

When you become aware that it’s actually possible to call your prospects even when you lack courage, you will stop waiting and start calling.

Only by learning how to stop waiting will you implement the most effective sales tactic — seizing the phone!

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