Power Over Circumstances

Unfortunately there's no way plan for unexpected challenges.

In a sales business those unexpected challenges can come from the business or your personal life, for example, a best selling product gets recalled and then canceled or a health challenge completely alters your capabilities and schedule.

Unexpected circumstances need not be severe to slow you down; they can be minor but pressing all the same.

For example, your youngster arrives home in tears, and after a bit of inquiry you discover that she did poorly on today's math quiz. Although doing poorly on a math quiz is not a critical situation, offering support for this youngster at this time can be critical to build and strengthen your relationship.

If you think about it, you probably have unexpected situations daily or at least weekly.

All of these situations, the critical and the less serious, have a knack of getting in the way and stopping you from staying on task with the things that move you forward in your business.

More often than not, those unexpected circumstances stop you from doing the one task that has the most positive impact in a sales business – prospecting.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, "As soon as _______ happens, I'll get back to working my business."

During the holiday season entrepreneurs often say, "As soon as all this holiday hustle and bustle is over, I'll get back to prospecting."

During the summertime home business entrepreneurs often say, "As soon as I get the kids back in school, I'll have time to focus on and really work my business again."

Of course as soon as "X" is over or out of the way, something else pops up to take its place.

Time for a little reality check: The world is never going to slow down and stop throwing you curve balls!

So... you can finally stop waiting for the right time or the right situation to show up because the right time and the right situation do not show up.

You create the right time and the right situation by seeing yourself as more than your circumstances.

We humans, however, tend to see ourselves as our circumstances. We tend to believe that we cannot do anything about our situations.

I assure you, as long as your let all your circumstances dictate how things are going to go for you, they will!

I know this might sound a bit redundant but... The world does not make it easy for you to be extraordinary!

The secret?  Tap into something that is even more powerful than your circumstances.

What is that something? Your word.

When you give your word that something is going to be a certain way, you put yourself in the spotlight. Perhaps you have noticed that it's pretty tough to hide out when you are in the spotlight.

Years ago I started a conversation with a company representative named Ed to mass produce my audio cds.

At the time it was an incredibly frightening conversation for me because I had no evidence to justify ordering thousands of audio cds.

I remember Ed saying, "I know this is just going to sound like a sales pitch, but I have people that order 100 or 200 cds from me all the time. I never hear from them again. Ordering thousands of cds is a bold action, and it's exactly what will make you successful."

That day I gave Ed my word (and a considerable chunk of change) that I would order 6,000 audio cds. I tell you most sincerely, circumstances were hardly good for my family at that time – my husband's and my financial future looked quite dismal. My list of subscribers was pitifully small, as I was anything but a known entity!

But that day completely revolutionized my life because I became my word instead of my circumstances. I became someone who was truly committed to having a career as a professional speaker.

That was the day I gave my word to experience my goal as opposed to simply dream about it!

Your goal, whatever it is, is worth fully pursuing because it is your goal. You do not need any other reasons.

If you are willing to pursue your goal with everything you've got, today is the day for you to give your word to experience it!

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