Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time many moons ago I received a phone call from a friend who told me, "Tammy, I'm having a party next Friday night. Can you come?"

With great enthusiasm in my voice I said, "Sure."

Then she told me, "Oh great. It's a clothing party that I just learned about last week."

At that point I realized that I had just been invited to a product party not a friendship party, and that my friend wanted me to show up with my wallet more than my sparkling personality!

I asked her what the clothing was like and she told me that it was a collection of knitwear.

"Knits? Oh, I don't like knits."

"Oh, okay. Well, you don't have to come."

"No, it's okay. I'll come."

"In that case, the salesperson will give you a free sash if you bring a friend with you, and I’ll get double the amount of free stuff if someone books a party. So if you end up liking it, you'll really help me by booking a party."

When I hung up the phone from talking to her, I immediately called another friend who I thought would like the clothing and who would enjoy coming to the party with me.

What never ceases to delight my funny bone is how I immediately called and invited a friend, when I was told that I would get a free sash for bringing someone.

I did not even like knitwear so why would I want a knit sash?

It was not the sash that I wanted – I wanted to be someone who would get recognition for bringing a friend.

The sash was an award for going above and beyond what was normal. I wanted what that sash represented!

Did you also notice that I still committed to attend my friend’s party even though I didn’t care for knit clothing?

While it is true that I had no interest in seeing a collection of knitwear, I was completely intrigued with the idea of a clothing party; I could not imagine what that would be like and I wanted to know!

That short conversation ended up giving me the following insights into the home party business:

  • Even if the host mistakenly gives the impression that she is having a regular party, her friends might not hold that against her when they learn that she’s having a home product party.

  • If a host calls her friends and personally invites them to her home party, some of her friends will attend if for no other reason than to be a supportive friend.

  • Even though the host's friends may not have any interest in a particular product or service, they might still commit to attending the party.

  • Curiosity gets people to attend a home party as much as desire of the featured product/s or service.

  • The host's friends can definitely be persuaded to bring another friend with them, especially if they are offered some kind of prize, and some of them might care more about getting recognized than they care about the actual prize given.

The power of this article is in the title and in first four words - Once Upon a Time...

Human beings are actually wired for stories.

Long before there was the printed word, human beings shared with future generations through story telling.

Thus you and I are wired to tell stories, and we are wired to listen to stories, and we are wired to emotionally respond to stories.

When you tell a story, you dramatically increase your chances of connecting with the hearts of your prospects and customers, which is why they respond emotionally rather than intellectually.

Just in case you didn't know, people buy emotionally and then they justify their purchases intellectually.

By telling you a story, I made it easy to remember the tips I taught you, and I emotionally made you feel their significance.

Perhaps you have heard this Indian proverb:

Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me a truth and I'll believe. Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

What story or stories could you tell your prospects and customers that will connect their hearts to you and your products or service?