Tammy's Tips

If you are on Facebook, I'm willing to bet that you are connected to far more people than you would be without it.

Making the connections on Facebook is the easy part; what you do with the connections you make is the challenge.

Have you ever given up because you thought you needed more time to accomplish something?

I saw first hand what it takes to move past the limits of time, when I was least expecting it more than ten years ago at a Wrestling State Championship Event where I saw hundreds of matches over a weekend.

I never met the wrestler who forever changed my concept of time, but I still remember his name.

When you reflect on past conversations, do you think about the thoughts you were having but chose not to voice? If you don't,  it might be because you tend to think of conversations in terms of the words that were exchanged. But communication is far more than just words.

“Wait ‘till you hear about my upline! You won’t believe what this person did to me!”

If you have been in the direct selling industry for a few years, you have probably heard someone say something like that more than once. Too often we end up listening to such grievances instead of establishing that we believe anyone can be successful in this industry regardless of who the sponsor or upline is.

Over thirty years ago I walked into a 4-week intensive German class not even knowing that the word "Gesundheit" was a German word. Obviously I knew nothing about the German language.

The teacher I had for those 4 weeks was truly extraordinary. Her name was Dr. Pflanz.

Dr. Pflanz only spoke German during class, but it was easy to understand and make progress because of the method she used.

She didn't worry about teaching us a lot of words or phrases.


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